8 Steps to Sell 100 T-shirts in 1 Month

For new Shirtpreneurs, selling 100 t-shirts may sound daunting.

Here’s the truth: if you learn how to sell 100 t-shirts a month, eventually you will learn how to sell 100 t-shirts a day.

 Let’s jump right into the step-by-step guide:

1. Identify your niche market.

Questions to ask: Do I want to target cat sellers, car enthusiasts, a certain alumni association or basketball lovers?

2. Research on existing t-shirt stores.

Question to ask: Are there existing t-shirts stores that sell to my niche market? What kinds of designs do they sell?

3. Create 4 t-shirt designs.

Question to ask: Can I create decent designs? Shall I use Illustrator, Photoshop or Canva.com?

4. Upload them on your shirt.ly store.

Wait for 1 business day.

5. Create posters with your t-shirt designs on Canva.com.

Question to ask: How can I make my posters professional-looking and less sketchy? What details shall I include e.g. price, URL, product name?

6. Post your posters on your Facebook page w/ your shirt.ly URL.

Question to ask: What kind of caption would immediately capture the attention of my audience?

7. Run Facebook ads targeting your audience for 3 days.

Question to ask: Do I know the basics of running Facebook ads? If not, how can Google help me?

8. Check the profitability of your ads.

Question to ask: Did I earn more than what I spent?

9. If profitable, scale your ads. If not profitable, try a new targeting, run new ads or stop the campaign.

Question to ask: How can I scale my ads?

10. Repeat steps 1 to 9 until you sell 100 shirts.

Since you have 20 product uploads to begin with, you can technically launch 5 sets of new designs. 

If you have a good design with a solid niche market, then you can definitely achieve 100 t-shirts sold in a month.

If you do not have a niche market yet, then you better choose one now! Visit www.shirtpreneur.com to learn how you can begin your Shirtpreneur journey.