7 Profitable Niche Markets for Shirt Sellers in PH

Pet Lovers

Pet Lovers spend a lot on their feline and canine friends. They have amazing purchasing power. A 350-peso shirt is pretty affordable if your designs hit the right note.

Batang 80s and 90s

Filipinos who spent their childhood in the 80s and 90s are about to enter their prime. It is the perfect time to sell them shirts all about their childhood — tv shows, fandoms, games, etc.

Storm Area 51 Movement

With 158,000 members at the moment, these Alien believers can’t be stopped. Many Filipinos have already taken notice. The Alien niche market is about to blow up and it is your time to give them what they want!


It feels like there is a new new season getting released every week. A simple search on Google would give you a list of shows with thousands of fans that you can target. Or better yet, sell to a fandom that you are a part of.

Pinoy Pride

The Pinoy pride shirt market has been saturated by famous brands for countless years. We think that the demand is still there, but shirt sellers have not come up with the right designs lately. If you have that Pinoy pride, better give it a shot.

Witty and Hugot

The Hugot wave is burning hot these days. shirt.ly marketplace and our Creators have sold thousands and thousands of Huggot and Witty shirts lately. If you have the wits to produce funny statements and designs, this is the perfect market for you.

Gaming Community

The gaming community is blowing up and more money is being poured into this market from different local organizations. The search for the next gaming merch has begun. If you are a gamer yourself, then you’re in for a good ride!