6 Practices of Successful Shirtpreneurs

They extensively study their market.

Successful shirtpreneurs prioritize their market over their designs. Sure, creating shirt designs is fun. But without a group of people resonating with it — and actually buying it — shirt designs have no use on your store.

They make several versions of a design then choose the best one.

Successful shirtpreneurs have a great eye for marketable shirt designs. They know what’s going to sell and what’s going to bomb. This is not a hereditary trait, this is earned.

They make professional-looking product posters.

Successful shirtpreneurs know that an ugly poster hinders a sale. Even if you have amazing shirt designs, your poster will make you bomb if they’re ugly.

They run Facebook ads.

Organic shares are nice, but without running a Facebook ad, you cannot scale your sales. Facebook ads are your soldiers, getting one shirt buyer at a time while you sleep.

They do not over-promise delivery lead times.

Successful Shirtpreneurs know that the first purchase of a shopper can lead to more in the coming months and even years. Do not disappoint them with over-the-top promises that aren’t real.

They get product testimonials from previous shoppers.

Social proof is huge when selling things online. If your posters are mockups only, many shoppers won’t click that ‘Buy Now’ button.